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Meet Kelly

Hi, I am a certified Executive Leadership Coach and a certified Life Coach. I help clients build amazing and fulfilling lives.

I've been interested in resiliency for years. In fact, I became a Resiliency Training Assistant (2014) and then a Master Resiliency Trainer (2020) through the US Army.

In my work as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I see how beliefs, lifestyle choices, and nutrition influenced some people's success more powerfully than their diagnosis.

Personally, coaching challenged me to see my blindspots and took my resiliency knowledge to the next level.

As a coach, I help people see their own minds and create the results they want in life. Are you ready to up level your own life? Your future self will thank you!

I can't wait to meet you and guide you along your personal path of progress and growth. Let's chat in a free mini session!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching builds self-awareness. It is a kind of personal development or self-improvement. It is a process to look at HOW you are thinking and making decisions.

Sometimes we think an opinion is factual or we have a blind spot—something we don't know about ourselves. Coaching helps us see those so we can build strategies to choose differently if those decisions are not serving us.

Coaching is like personal training for the mind. If you are physically hurt, you may go to a physical therapist. If you’re not hurt, you want to get in shape or change your exercise habits, you may go to a personal trainer to work on your goal.

If your mind is “hurt” or you can’t get through your days, you would probably see some type of counselor, psychologist, etc—not a coach. If everything is okay (you're getting through your days okay) and you want to work on something or improve an area of your life, you might opt for a coach.

We offer a free Mini Session so you can ask questions and get a small taste of coaching. Sometimes coaching can be fun or funny. It can be eye opening, and other times it can bring up some tough emotions. All these experiences are normal and okay.

You never need to feel like you have to come up with something for a session. If there is homework, it's your choice whether you do it. To get the best results, we recommend being open to challenging your own thought processes. No worries, we will help you to do this.

Why get coaching?

When we talk about a problem, we often think we are simply making observations, but our "observation" is colored by our thoughts. Coaching helps you understand problems as they actually are. Having a third party reflect your own thoughts can help show you your mind. Coaching gives you tools to build confidence, bounce back from adversity, and achieve your goals. What is your biggest, baddest goal in life? Why haven't you achieved it? We can help you figure it out.

What should I consider when getting a coach?

Make sure you are working with someone you trust. We offer a free mini session so you can talk directly to the coach. We also recommend looking at a coach's credentials.

Kelly is certified by 2 Roads Leadership and The Life Coach School—two prestigious companies. She also brings with her a wealth of experience from working with people as a Physical Therapist, a Master Resiliency Trainer, a Master Fitness Trainer, A Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator, an NCAA Division 1 athlete, an Army officer, a run coach, and a Coach for the US Army. She is also certified in Whole Foods Plant Based Nutrition.

She’s been in numerous leadership positions throughout her Army Career and was the Lead Run Instructor for the Womack Physical Therapy Run Class at Fort Liberty, NC (2020-2023) and a Pose Run Coach in Germany prior to that. In her Physical Therapy career, she has presented at local, state, and national level conferences through the American Physical Therapy Association. She has also presented at a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) conference.

Do you offer gift certificates?

No. The client needs to be willing to do the work to be successful. A paying client is typically more invested. If you think coaching would be helpful for people you know, encourage them to check it out. Let them come up with the "how" if it is something they want to pursue.

Do you offer discounts?

The Mini Session is free. Everyone pays the same price for packages/plans.

Do you offer different packages?

There is currently a Growth Oriented Package which is life coaching tailored toward your specific goal such as Stop Over-Eating, Stop Over-Drinking, Relationships, Time Management, etc. We are currently featuring a Confidence Package as well.

Is coaching scientifically evidence-based?

Yes. In fact, coaching is rapidly gaining more traction through proven results and evidence-based results. Here are a few.

  • Employer-Provided Professional Coaching to Improve Self-compassion and Burnout in Physicians

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